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Dr Fiona Sheppard DHSci, MA, BSc, SCPHN – HV, RGN

My clinical background is health visiting. I practised for 23 years in various community settings. This work can be emotionally, professionally and ethically challenging. In the early 1980s my peers and I, began to recognise the benefit of regular, well structured opportunities to discuss such challenges. We saw how they helped  make better considered clinical decisions and supported the emotional wellbeing of practitioners. 

During my time with the NHS I went on to undertake a strategic role supporting the implementation of clinical supervision in practice, across NHS Trusts in the East Midlands. This led to the development of my own training and consultancy business, working with departments and Trusts helping them further formalise supervision and continuous professional development.

Latterly, I worked for 12 years as an educator and assistant professor within the School of Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham.

As part of my work there, I helped to shape the integration of clinical supervision across the pre-registration nursing curriculum for all fields of practice. This work informed my Master’s in Human Relations and my doctoral thesis.

In addition, I  am an experienced coach and mentor. Coaching, mentorship and  clinical supervision share much similarity in the way discussion is facilitated. I have an ILM accredited coaching qualification and  have developed particular expertise in facilitating groups but also have extensive experience of working one-to-one.

Throughout my career, the values that underpinned my practice have focused on enabling and empowering nurses and allied health professionals in their professional capacity, through the practice of facilitated reflection. My philosophical focus is humanistic and person centred. In essence I believe that individuals have within themselves the resources to grow and develop by changing their own self concepts and behaviour. In my role as Coach, Mentor or Supervisor, it is my job to provide the most conducive atmosphere for this to occur. 

I have recently retired from academic life. However, I  have continued to support frontline workers in these unprecedented times.  I also have the capacity to offer one-to-one or group coaching or clinical supervision to a small number of  additional clients. 

I am registered with the NMC and a professional organisation that offers me indemnity.



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